Image information processing device operation policy

Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel informs you of the purpose and method of using and managing the image information processed by the company through the image information processing device operation and management policy.

1. Grounds for installation of image information processing equipment and purpose of installation

    The company installs and operates image information processing devices for the following purposes in accordance with Article 25 Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

    - Facility safety and fire prevention

    - Crime prevention for customer safety (if installed in a parking lot)

    - Prevention of vehicle theft and damage

      ※ If the number of parking spaces exceeds 30, installation and operation is possible based on Article 6 (1) of the 「Enforcement Regulations of the Parking Lot Act」

2. Number of installations, installation location and shooting range


number of installations

Installation location and shooting range

Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel

50 대

Building hallway, lobby, parking lot entrance

3. Manager and access authority







Daehyun Woo


Facilities Team



4. Recording time, storage period, storage location and processing method of video information

shooting time

storage period


24 시간

30 days from the date of shooting

MDF room

    - Processing method: Records and manages matters related to requests such as use of personal image information for purposes other than the intended use, provision to a third party, destruction, and viewing, and permanently deletes it in a way that cannot be restored when the storage period expires

      (For printed materials, shred or incinerate).

5. Matters concerning the method and place of verification of personal image information

    If you wish to view, verify, or delete personal image information, you can request it from the person in charge of personal image information management at any time. However, personal images taken by you

    It is limited to information and personal image information clearly necessary for the immediate benefit of life, body, and property of the information subject. Contact the person in charge of management or the person in charge of management in advance (paragraph 3)

    You can check it by visiting the department in charge.

6. Measures to the information subject's request for viewing of video information, etc.

    The company will take necessary measures without delay when it is requested to view or confirm existence or delete personal image information. In the following cases, viewing of personal image information of the information subject, etc. 

    request You can refuse. In this case, the manager will notify the information subject of the reason for rejection in writing within 10 days. 

    If the personal information is destroyed after the retention period has elapsed

    When there is a high risk of infringing on the privacy rights of others by taking necessary measures in response to requests such as reading

    In case there is a justifiable reason to reject the request of the information subject, etc.

7. Measures to secure the safety of video information

    The video information processed by the company is safely managed through encryption measures, etc. In addition, the company has access to personal information as an administrative measure for the protection of personal image information.

    The authority is differentiated, and to prevent forgery or falsification of personal image information, the creation date and time of personal image information, the purpose of reading, the viewer, and the viewing date and time are recorded and managed. 

    In addition, a locking device is installed for safe physical storage of personal image information.

8. Matters concerning changes to the personal information processing policy

    This image information processing device operation and management policy was enacted on September 2015, 9, and it is enforced when there are additions, deletions, or corrections of contents according to changes in laws, policies, or security technologies. 

    We will notify the reason and contents of the change through the company website at least 7 days in advance.

    Announcement Date: September 2015, 9 / Effective Date: April 1, 2020


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